Tuesday, January 7, 2014

None of Those Things (Demo)

Originally posted on October 23, 2012.
I wrote and recorded this demo version of None of Those Things yesterday. It was pretty easy to write. At first, I came up with a melody that I liked, then the first three lines were written immediately. Spent about an hour writing the lyrics for the rest of the song. I looked through my notebooks where I write down stuff I come up with. Like lyrics and words and stuff. I found these lines: “Everything we thought we’d say / Everything we thought we’d do / None of those things / We became none of those things”. Then I wrote the rest of the lyrics from that, pretty much. When I had written all the lyrics and played the song through like five times, I recorded a demo version, just to have something to built upon when I’m going to record a “real” version of it.
The song is about dealing with my mum’s death. She passed away back in August this year.

Trying to accept the fact that you’re gone
Knowing nothing will ever hurt for as long
If I could, I’d go back, back into your arms
Press my ear against your chest just to hear the beating of your heart
Everything we thought we would say
Everything we thought we would do
Trying to escape from the rest of my life
Knowing every breath will hurt like the edge of a knife
’Cause we can never go back; reality has changed
I really wanna go back but everything has changed
Everything we thought we would say (none of those things)
Everything we thought we would do (we became none of those things)
Replace the memory of your cold skin with your warmth
Replace this emptiness with a feeling that I’ve grown

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