Saturday, July 7, 2012


Spent yesterday recording I'm a Sucker for You. As you can see in the picture, my "studio" is very simple and very portable. Sorry about the lousy quality of the photo, but I have to blame this on the iPhone camera. It's not a very good camera, that's for sure.

And I think I've made up my mind about something: I will try as much as possible to avoid all the effects and plug-ins offered by Logic Pro. You know, you can add reverb or space noises or make yourself sound like you're shouting through a megaphone or anything. Hundreds, maybe thousands of effects, just a click away. And I think that kind of stuff is really cool and fun, but for the songs I'm recording right now I have another idea. I only want to use effects that I actually made myself. Maybe I can get a weird guitar sound by holding a casserole in behind the mic while recording. Maybe I can sing into a casserole and get some weird sound from that. I have no idea what to try yet. I will find out along the way. 

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