Thursday, July 12, 2012

New mic stand

The other day, I went downtown to buy a mic stand. I thought I'd be able to record without one, but then I figured buying one would probably make things easier for me while recording. The one I got cost about $42. I told the guy at the store that I'm a student (which is true, of course), so I even got a small discount. Really good! 

The ultimate way would be to have two mic stands: one for recording vocals and one for recording guitar. When you record guitar you usually use a lower stand. Buying two stands seems a bit pricey for me, though. I asked around among my friends and it turned out that one of them has a bar stool that I can borrow. That will definitely do! That way, I can sit comfortably while recording into the mic that's applied to the mic stand. Perfect!

I still have to figure out a way to apply my home made pop filter to the mic stand...

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