Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guitars and amps

Here's my electric guitar. My dad bought it (together with the amp below) for me when I was...  well, maybe 14 years old. Or 13. Can't remember. He bought it, anyway. It's a Behringer guitar.

... and here's the amplifier that came with the guitar. It was a beginner's package sort of thing. Works really well for me, still, as I'm definitely not an advanced guitar player. I mostly play acoustic guitar, anyway.

But, as I wrote in a post yesterday, Simon has lent me his electric guitar and amp. The guitar is a Washburn BT2 and I already like it a lot. I'm also very fond of the cute little amp. Roland. I'm definitely gonna call him Roland. If you want to say Roland in Swedish, make sure to start with a Scottish "R". Then, the "o" should sound like the "o" in "afford". Then, make sure to pronounce "land" almost as the "mand" in "command" (British "command", of course). Just switch than "m" in "mand" for an "l". Roland. Almost like "raw-land". 

However. Roland has some cool effects that my Behringer amp doesn't have. I will definitely have a lot of fun with this amp. Thanks, Simon!

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