Monday, April 23, 2012

Ordered a microphone

Yesterday I ordered a Zoom H2n recorder. At first I had decided to buy the H2, not the newer H2n. But then I saw some YouTube videos, for example this and this, and decided that it's probably worth spending some more money on the newer and better microphone.

Some people may wonder why I don't just buy a "normal" microphone to record with. Well, the thing is that I really like the portability of the H2n. You can bring it wherever you go. Record sounds and noises from everywhere. I think the H2n will be a great recording device. I can plug it in right into my computer (it connects through USB) and use it to record right into Logic. Or, I can record anywhere I want to, using the memory card. Pretty great, huh?

I bought the H2n, including an accessory pack, for about $281 (that includes postage, too). At first I thought about purchasing it from another country, because I would've saved some money that way. But then I figured that if it ever breaks or something, it's much better for me to be able to return it to a Swedish store. However, I'll post some pics here as soon as I get the device!

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