Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My classical guitar

This is my classical guitar. I bought it back in 2005 for like $177 or so. It's a Cort. Nothing fancy but I really like it. It's shiny and pretty and very nice to play. And also, I've added some perfect Almost stickers. One of them (the dollar) is actually from New York; I got it with a couple of jeans I bought. The second one is something I think I got from Ryan Sheckler back when I was a fangirl and got some stickers and signed posters through mail (snail mail, remember those times?). That was in 2004 or so, when I was just a pubertal kid.

Now that I've bought a new guitar, I don't know how much I will use this older one for recording and stuff. But maybe it will fit in some songs. Perhaps in the background. Now, the only instruments you haven't seen are my electric guitar and my tiny melodica. Stay tuned for those!

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