Monday, April 16, 2012

Maybe I will inspire you?

This blog is here to document my process, as I wrote yesterday. But I just realised it might also inspire other people to write and record their own music. Here's the thing: I know nothing about music, theoretically. I can't read notes. I must have a tuner to tune my guitar. I don't know stuff about scales or anything. I just play music. When I hear something I like, I take it from there. For example, I have to actually play the guitar to come up with combinations of chords. I can't figure that out in my head. 

I don't know anything about recording or studio work. I just recently learned that some people connect audio interfaces to their computer in order to record vocals or instruments. I'm no expert when it comes to audio recording software. For quite a while, I've felt that Audacity is enough for me, but now I'm trying to learn Logic Pro 9

My point with all this is that if I can write and record songs, so can you. If you don't want to play an instrument, use instrumental loops from programs such as Garage Band or Logic Pro. Create the music that you want to hear. Fuck everyone who doesn't like the music you write. Fuck everyone who says you do something the "wrong" way. There is no wrong way when you created it yourself. Play chords "wrong" or sing out of tune just to make those people angry. It's your music. You decide what's right.

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