Saturday, April 21, 2012


I need to buy some headphones in order to be able to record my songs. The only problem is: there are tons of headphones out there. Closed, open, semi-closed. It's like a whole world, and I have no clue about anything in that world. Some people even claim you should have two pairs of headphones (one for listening and one for recording, if I've got it right?). That's too expensive for me, though. I really like the look of these headphones:

AKG K-240 Studio. I find them quite pricey, though. They're €98 (or about $128). To me, that's pricey for headphones. I guess buying more expensive headphones is worth it, though. (And yes, I realise these are not pricey for the "experts" out there. But I'm a student. Every penny is precious to me.)

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