Thursday, April 26, 2012

Headphones, microphone etc

Some pictures of stuff I bought/got delivered yesterday.

* The Zoom H2n recorder. I really like it so far. When I tested it today I really liked the sound (all I've used before is a very shitty mic or the built-in mic (which is also very shitty), so of course this was an improvement). As I might have mentioned before, I appreciate how the Zoom H2n can be plugged into the computer, while it's also portable. You can bring it wherever you want to, and record stuff.

* Headphones. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. I had been looking at the Shure SRH440 headphones, and went to the local music store to check them out. Talked to a guy at the store, who showed me these Sennheiser headphones. He explained how they are more allround, even if they are closed. Many other closed headphones may not be good for much else than recording, but these are. So to sum it up: if I had decided to buy the Shure headphones, I would have had to buy another pair to use for reference listening and such. I paid $223 for these Sennheiser headphones, which is way more than I initially wanted to pay, but that is still cheaper than it would have been to buy two pairs.

Another thing I can tell you about the headphones is that they fit me really well. They are quite small, which I like (because then they don't look bigger than my head). Maybe it's harder for girls to find headphones that fit; at least I feel like that. When I tried the Shure SRH440 phones, they were really huge and loose over/around my ears. Didn't feel comfy at all.

* I also bought some new strings for my acoustic and electric guitars. I've newer restrung a guitar by myself before, but now I've decided I'm gonna learn how to do it. It can't be that hard, right? I chose some of the cheapest strings for the moment, as I guess at least one of them will pop right into my eye. I just figured that while exercising, the cheapest strings are probably the best. Oh, and I bought that tool (in the picture) to cut the strings, if you didn't figure already.

But you know what I really wanted to say with this all? All that I've bought to complete my simple home studio is the Zoom H2n and those headphones. I paid about $504 in total for those things. Quite affordable, isn't it? So for that sum, I can finally begin recording serious versions of my songs. Songs that might actually end up sounding quite nice. I'm stoked!

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