Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here we go!

Hey! This is my first post here. With that in mind, I might as well introduce myself and this blog. My name is Bea but while I play/write my own songs I'm more known as Fraction of Sounds. It's not a band. It's just a project consisting of me, my thoughts and my guitar. Sometimes other instruments or whatever I might find.

I started Fraction of Sounds back in 2006, and I've been on MySpace since that year. Then I created a bandcamp site, and now this blog. The purpose of this blog is to let people who are interested in my project follow me while I create my music. I have realised I might not get a job this summer (getting a summer job is difficult in Sweden), so I thought I might as well create more music and maybe even record some sort of EP. All my saved money will probably be spent on this project. But hey, why save money when you can do something fun right now?

I've already recorded a few demo songs. Some of them can be heard on bandcamp or MySpace. However, this summer I will try to record more "serious" versions of my songs, and maybe also some covers.

You should follow this blog if you want to hear about every step I take until I have finished my demo/EP. I will tell you about all the equipment I buy, all the demos I record and all the new chords I learn on my guitar. I'll definitely tell you about everything I learn about recording stuff and promoting Fraction of Sounds. I will do my best to post videos and audio clips regularly.

"Do more of what makes you happy." I recently read that somewhere. That's when I realised that if I don't record my songs now, it will never happen. Nobody else will do it for me. Let's get started!

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